About C&S RV Service Center

Founded in 1978, C&S RV Service Center was started by Russ (Candace’s father).  Craig and Candace took over the business in the early 90s and made it what is today.
Craig’s background as an aircraft mechanic in the navy was well suited for the Recreational Vehicle Industry. His hands-on knowledge grew from more than a decade of experience in assembling coaches, and his understanding and knowledge of the structural, wiring, and design for everything from travel trailers to motor coaches grew as well. This background gives Craig knowledge from the interior structure to the outer shell surface, and the wiring between, to take the correct measures needed in the custom work or the repair/enhancing of any home on wheels.

Craig and Candace’s operating philosophy makes working with C&S RV Service Center a winning experience for their customers. The first thing customers notice is the cleanliness of the shop and the professional attitude of the employees. This attitude of care and cleanliness extends to the customers coach. Craig and the guys want to do whatever they can to make customers happy with their service. Visitors are invited to drop by to learn how a Master Plan can help all recreational vehicle owners take their ideas for RV comfort on the road to reality. If RV repairs are needed, an upgrade for adding a flat screen TV wanted, or custom cabinetry for an existing flat screen TV built, RV Outfitters can transform the living room into the desired media center.